We have performed face-to-face and remote training, as well as certifications on cognitive batteries and clinical assessments in local languages.

We have certified over 6,000 clinical professionals.

More than 200 local language experts (LLEs) have been trained who have themselves trained and certified clinicians in 35 languages to date.                      

Translations performed by subject matter experts and native speakers in accordance with standardized work processes. 

Translators complete “Good Translation Training” in addition to stringent language certification before project commencement.


We provide training in multiple languages through an online learning portal.

This portal is fully functional in the chosen language and supports documents that can be viewed, downloaded, and printed, as well as training videos and PowerPoint presentations. 

The training portal features tests and quizzes that can be programmed to be scored automatically.

The user-friendly interface allows for automatic credentials and password assignment when users are added to the system.